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Want To Move Freely and Without Pain with the Body Mobility Video Tutorials?

During my 18 year career, I have worked to amazing effect with poor posture, tight and restricted bodies, and all types of pain.

I use a variety of modalities with clients, from functional neurology, to corrective exercise, to complex movement.

Build the best body of your life with Kardia Eracleous

Build great posture so that you can be proud of your body

Get stronger so that you can sit with ease

Get out of pain – regain freedom

Enjoy life and walk with pride

This could be you!

“Shocked to feel no pain after just one session!”

“Thank you for fixing me kardia. You tell me you didn’t, that’s very modest but not true. I’m not easily convinced in therapy. Usually I would tell people the body has an amazing ability to heal itself. But a pain in my neck that had bothered me for two years would not go away.

I came to you and you told me not to tell you where the problem was or anything about it but that you would find it for yourself. I really felt that you had no chance of finding out where the injury was and so quietly let you put me through a series of movements and tapping. I was shocked when after a while you found my problem area and even more shocked to feel no pain after just one session! So I repeat. THANK YOU FOR FIXING ME. I will always recommend your work because it worked for me.”

Leni Nicolaou

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